Handgun 101 - Brief

This class is designed to familiarize a person who desires to take the Texas License to Carry (LTC) class. We will work 1-on-1 with the student to be sure he or she is capable of safely preparing a magazine, loading the gun and shooting a successful score of 70% on the DPS mandated target.

The course of fire is 50 shots. Twenty from 3 - yards, twenty from 7-yards and ten from 15 yards.

In the past we have had students arrive at the LTC class with a gun they had never fired, and in a few cases had never fired any handgun, with no idea of how to prepare a magazine or load the gun. If this fits you please do not go shooting before the class. Sometimes we spend more time trying to "Unlearn" bad instructions from a helpful spouse or friend.

Almost anyone with normal intelligence and dexterity can shoot well enough to pass the course. However the fastest way to flunk is to demonstrate poor (unsafe) gun handling on the live fire range.

If you would like some help or just a need a refresher on skills you have this is your class.

Our fees are:  for a group of five or more - $100. each. For individuals - $50.00 per hour with a three hour minimum.

20 shots at 3 yards; 20 shots at 7-yards;
10 shots at 15 yards

The target is 24 X 48 inches.
On the line


Please contact us as far ahead of the LTC class as possible so we can arrange to use the classroom and the range.

Call Roy Plumlee at 972524-4224 or roy@gunplay.us

Call Ed Waynick at 972-979-4209 or ed@gunplay.us