License to Carry Class
This is a small list:

 Bring your gun:  Either a revolver or semi-auto of at least .22 Caliber. Bring at least two boxes of 50 rounds of ammunition that will work in your gun. If you bring a semi-auto bring two magazines that will work in your gun.

If you do not have a gun you may use one of ours at no additional cost. If you wish to use a semi-auto bring two boxes of 50 rounds of 9mm Lugar ammunition. If you choose to use a revolver bring two boxes of 50 rounds of .38 Special ammunition.

 Bring eye and hearing protection.  Your prescription glasses or sunglasses will do.

Dress for the weather. We will be outside from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours depending on the number of shooters.

We suggest that you wear a billed cap or hat and a shirt with a collar that will prevent hot brass from finding its way underneath the collar. Closed toe shoes will protect the feet from the same fate. Hot brass is really Hot.

Send us an email with your name, address, phone number. If you plan to use our gun please indicate that you will bring two boxes of 9mm Lugar  or two boxes or .38 Special ammunition. Please include the names of each person in your party who will attend.