We do not have a public shooting range and we do not sell guns, ammo or other items.

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Effective September 1, 2007 the Texas Legislature passed a bill that is known as the Castle Doctrine. This change to the Texas weapons laws (Penal Code) have led many Texans to believe that it is not necessary to have a concealed handgun license. That is a valid point if the only access to your means of self-defense or defense of your family you wish to have is in your home, vehicle, boat,  or place of employment (if the Boss will allow it.) In 2013 the legislature removed any training requirement for concealed handgun license holders after the initial 4 - 6 hour class. Out laws are subject to change each session of the legislature so what you learned in 2011 may be incorrect pursuant to 2014 statutes.

Texas use of force laws (Penal Code Ch. 9.) are restrictive to the point that if you inappropriately use the weapon you may be charged in both Criminal Court and Civil Court. A criminal conviction takes away your liberty and your money. A civil judgment takes your property and money.

Do you really have a working knowledge of our current law? Do you really understand when and under what circumstance you can display or use your weapon? Consider taking the Texas Concealed Handgun course and learn to protect your freedom as well as your fortune. This course will bring you up to date on current law and procedures.

If you later decide that you do wish to have the concealed handgun license you will have 6-months to make application before your training certificate expires.

If you are a new or inexperienced shooter we suggest that you take our Basic Handgun course followed by the Personal Protection courses. Here you will learn not only when to legally and safely use the weapon but how to successfully use it to protect your self and your family. The life you save may be your own, or perhaps more importantly, the lives of your loved ones.

We believe that every adult member of every law abiding household should have the means and the ability to protect themselves and their family. By ability we mean the person should know how to successfully use their means of defense, whether it be a ball bat or a firearm. We especially urge women to learn at least the basics of firearms use.

 When your family comes under attack the offenders will likely make the male member their initial target as they probably will assume that he is the greatest threat to their success. If he is the only family member with the basic skills and knowledge to protect the family the offenders have won. Refuse to be a victim...get some training!


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